21 September 2010

365 Days in the City: Days 1 through 15

Having family stay in my old apartment as it's coup de grace caused the city loft move project to sit dormant for almost two weeks (after all, guests can't see an apartment hemorrhaging boxes as you move out, they have to see it in all its glory). As a result, there isn't much to report on for the first 12 days of the past 15, but I'm trying to prove to you, my intimate friends on the WWW (that's World Wide Web, thank you Mr. Gore).

The move went well (thanks to some great people), and while I still haven't set up Internet in the apartment to facilitate quick blog entries as interesting things happen, I thought I'd give a quick recap (before I get too miserably behind) of a few city highlights of the past couple days since I've been an urbanite:

  • When I arrived at the apartment on Sunday with some stuff to off-load, there was a homeless lady sleeping two doors down. I gave her a bottle of water later as I walked by, hopefully she liked it.
  • I left my front door open to the street while I was unpacking on Sunday. There was a beautiful breeze and then it began to storm. I walked outside under the tree in front of my place and was very happy.
  • As it got dark, I decided to close the door when I shady figure walked by my door a few times and sorta peered in. A few minutes later he knocked on the door and explained that he worked near by and had left his bag when his boss locked up. He asked if he could use my phone to call his boss. Feeling a little sheepish (and distrusting) I lied saying my phone wasn't hooked up and there was RiteAid around the corner. For better or for worse, I lied to a random guy who knocked on my door the first night in my apartment. He could have just needed the phone, or he could have beaten, robbed and ultimately brutally murdered me on my first night in the Pearl. I think I'm okay with being a liar.
Cheers to the new place!

18 September 2010

365 Days in the City

I'm a downtown city-dweller now. It doesn't really feel like anything has changed about me, but then again it does a little. I feel trendier than I did when I was a suburbanite. My old furniture just doesn't fit anymore. It's just not who I am. I am a city dweller.

While not the type to typically bore the world with journal-style rantings, I thought it might be fun to share some of the annals of my life for a year (or maybe more) in a 1200
square foot loft in the Pearl District of Portland. I now live (well, actually tomorrow is when I am going to sleep there for the first time, tonight I am camping out on the floor of my almost empty apartment in Lake Oswego. But my furniture is living there now) in a first-floor, street entry, store-front apartment. I am sandwiched between a hip little Italian restaurant and a garage entry (where I get to park my car for a fee that might be considered steep). I am urbane.

In what I hope to be short entries accompanied by photos of my experiences and anecdotes, I plan to document my life for a year. ...We'll see how that goes.

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